About Dr. Brian Beatty

Dr. Brian Beatty

Dr. Brian Beatty

Dr. Brian Beatty is Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Operations at San Francisco State University, overseeing the use of Academic Technology on campus and coordinating the use of information technologies that support teaching, learning, and research across campus.

Previously, Brian was Chair and Associate Professor in the Instructional Technologies department at San Francisco State University, where he taught courses in Instructional Systems Design, Distance Education, E-Learning Development, and Project Management. The Instructional Technologies department recently combined faculties with the Department of Administrative and Interdisciplinary Studies to form a new academic unit, the Department of Equity, Leadership Studies, and Instructional Technology (ELSIT).

He received his Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University Bloomington. His areas of interest and academic research include social interaction in online learning, content analysis of CMC discussions, supporting self-regulating behavior in self-paced online education and training courses, and developing instructional design theory for web-based and hybrid learning environments.

Dr. Beatty also holds an M.A. in Instructional Technologies from San Francisco State University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University.

Prior to his return to San Francisco State University, Dr. Beatty was the project manager for the Learning to Teach with Technology Studio program at Indiana University. Other recent online experiences include positions at two e-learning companies; Director of Online Course Development for Unext.com, and Vice President of Development for Option Six, Inc (now a subsidiary of GP Strategies).

Dr. Beatty has more than 25 years experience as a classroom teacher, trainer, and instructional designer at high schools, higher education institutions, and in the United States Navy.

View Dr. Beatty’s CV here.

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  1. Dr. Beatty would you be interested in a visit to our campus on a grant to discuss the do and don’ts of HyFlex. We have several departments getting ready to implement the concept…thank you. Mark Timbrook Office of Instructional Technology, 701-858-3832, Minot State University, North Dakota

  2. Atipat Rittiron says:

    Hello, Dr. Brian Beatty. hyflex can use in my University of Thailand i think so but i can’t saw researched. please help me too. thank you very much.

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