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Analyzing the Feasibility of HyFlex

If you are considering using the HyFlex approach in courses or programs, you are probably completing some sort of feasibility analysis before moving forward with detailed design, development or implementation. What questions should your feasibility analysis answer? (see the assess_need_hyflex (linked PDF) … Continue reading

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What Happens When the University Cannot Host Classes?

Well, if you have a HyFlex class, you can simply require all your students to meet online for that session. This works well if they all have network access, the tools and ability to participate in the online mode, and … Continue reading

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HyFlex-ing through Another Term

We are halfway through the Spring 2011 semester at SF State, and the HyFlex course experience is much like it has been in previous semesters. In Spring, I have two sections of the same course, so I combine those sections … Continue reading

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The Student Assistant Voice: Supporting Instructors in Using Hyflex

I asked a recent graduate to talk about her experience working with one of our faculty in creating a HyFlex version of his traditional classroom-delivered course. Here is what she said. If you want to learn more about Hyflex or get hands-on experience organizing a course in an LMS, a nice way to get started is to work with a professor who has used this approach before. I did this during the Fall 2010 semester, and learned a lot … Continue reading

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