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Hybrid Flexible Course and Program Design: Models for Student-Directed Hybrids

On April 21, 2016, I will be joined by six colleagues on a panel presentation describing the hybrid flexible (HyFlex, in my terms) approaches our respective institutions are implementing to meet the specific needs and desires of our constituents. Here … Continue reading

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Addressing student support needs – General Needs

What supports do students need when beginning a HyFlex course experience? As with most, if not all, instructional delivery/course modes, there are several general supports needed, and specific supports depending on the exact implementation approach being used. This post describes … Continue reading

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Good Enough?

In the early days of HyFlex, “good enough” was good enough. It seems the bar has been raised with my own students and even in my own expectations, which is, I believe, a good and natural thing. What used to … Continue reading

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Is Every Student Equally Served by HyFlex?

This question has been an important one I’ve been thinking about since beginning this journey five years ago. And the answer to the question may not be an easy one or one I want to look long and hard at … Continue reading

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HyFlex Participation – Once again, graduate students attend class in-person most of the time

… one of the more meaningful results of this whole innovation … giving control over some of the decisions on how to learn to the students, breaking part of the tyranny of the typical professor. Continue reading

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Accelerate Adoption: Communicate within and among Faculty Peer Groups

It takes more than just a good idea to bring about change, especially with the majority of faculty. Communication is just as important as a good idea. Continue reading

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The Student Voice on HyFlex

This week one of my graduate students is talking about her experience as a HyFlex stduent in several courses. A big thanks to Catherine Mone! As an MA/Ed ITEC student who graduates this month, I’m feeling a sense of grateful … Continue reading

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Expanding the reach of HyFlex within the faculty social system

If HyFlex course delivery makes sense for a particular context, it usually begins with individual faculty who are personally motivated and energized to try this approach to meet important goals associated with delivery mode. In my case, it was the … Continue reading

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Connecting students through common activities and shared experience.

We know that communities are formed when people with a shared goal are connected to each other as they complete common activities and share meaningful experiences. Learning communities are formed among people trying to learn in order to know and/or … Continue reading

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Reflection Posts in Practice – Do They Work?

What do graduate students write about when asked to reflect upon their learning in a course of study? Does the style or substance of their reflections change over time, or when is it made public to others in their course? … Continue reading

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