HyFlex Course Design Support

Tips from HyFlex Survivors (students)

Selected Professional Presentations

Initial presentation given at Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention 2006 – the beginnings

Other presentations:

  • AECT 2007 – Hybrid Classes with Flexible Participation Options: If you build it, how will they come? – PowerPoint file
    download Proceedings paper
  • EdMEDIA 2007 – Transitioning to an Online World: Using HyFlex Courses to Bridge the Gap – PowerPoint file
    download Proceedings paper
  • SLOAN-C 2007 – Blended Learning for Students with Choice: The Hyflex Course and Design Process: PowerPoint file download
  • NIME 2008 – What is HyFlex? An overview of the HyFlex Course and Design Process – PowerPoint file download

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